How to Alleviate Fall-Time Allergies

Allergist Willow Grove PAFor many, autumn is an exciting time. It usually marks the start of the holiday season and many outdoor family activities. It's when most people spend a lot of time outside before the cold winter months begin. However, for those who suffer from autumn-time allergies, the turn of the new season can be met with dread. It's hard to enjoy apple picking when dealing with sneezing, an itchy throat, and watery eyes. Thankfully, there are things to do to alleviate fall-time allergies.

The first line of defense is giving us a call. Visiting the best allergist Willow Grove, PA offers will determine your top allergens and the best way to treat symptoms. We'll perform an allergy test, such as skin testing, to determine what triggers your symptoms. Then we'll devise an individualized treatment plan to best fit your needs.

Your doctor may prescribe medications like eye drops, nasal corticosteroids, and antihistamines. These medications offer immediate relief. However, they are short-term, and symptoms will return after use.

While working on a treatment plan, many patients choose allergen avoidance as a way to combat allergy symptoms. In this scenario, you'd avoid outside time during peak pollen hours. We also suggest wearing a mask and/or sunglasses to limit exposure. Be mindful that this option is not guaranteed, and you may still find yourself suffering.

One of the best ways to treat allergy symptoms is through immunotherapy. The top immunotherapy option is allergy shots. Immunotherapy is incredibly effective and provides long-term relief. However, it can take years to complete the treatment, so taking other steps to alleviate symptoms is important.

The best allergist Willow Grove, PA offers will help you find the best treatment plan to combat your fall-time allergies.

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