Top Tips to Preventing an Allergic Reaction in Cherry Hill, NJ

Allergy sufferers will tell you that it’s not fun to suffer from an allergic reaction. From itchy eyes to sneezing to a runny nose, allergy symptoms are relentless. If you are dealing with unwanted allergy symptoms, it may be time to visit a doctor. The best allergy doctor Cherry Hill, NJ offers can test and treat your allergies. The first step to combatting allergies is determining the cause. As a leading allergist in Cherry Hill, NJ we want to help prevent future allergic reactions.

The steps you take to prevent an allergic reaction will depend on what you’re allergic to. Visit the best allergist Cherry Hill, NJ offers to get tested for common allergens. Common allergens in South Jersey are food, pollen, insects, and mold. Let’s go over the top tips to prevent an allergic reaction in Cherry Hill, NJ.

  1. Make sure you take medicine as prescribed. Once testing is complete, and allergens have been determined, your doctor will prescribe medicine to help treat your symptoms.
  2. Avoid your allergen as best you can. While some allergens are easy to avoid, it’s important to be mindful of what triggers an allergic reaction and avoid it as often as possible.
  3. If you are susceptible to anaphylaxis during an allergic reaction, carry an EpiPen with you at all times. Your doctor will prescribe you an EpiPen if you are at risk.
  4. Keeping a diary may be helpful for you and your doctor. In the diary, track what you’re doing and what you ate when an allergic reaction occurs. Share it with your allergy doctor so a course of treatment can be created.

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