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Millions of people across the United States suffer from allergies, and according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, 1 in 5 people suffer from allergic symptoms. If you are one of these individuals, you do not need to suffer or continually take allergy medications. Allergy treatments, also referred to as immunotherapy or allergy shots, work to develop the body’s natural ability to resist allergens.

Allergy symptoms are triggered by foreign substances that cause our immune system to react negatively. Even though allergens are not harmful to the body, they trigger symptoms in those that are allergic. When pollen enters the nose of someone that is allergic, their body perceives the pollen as a threat and begins defending the body. Allergy shots work with the body to reduce symptoms caused from these allergic reactions.

Do I Need Allergy Shots?

Many allergy symptoms resemble other issues and illnesses. Unless you carefully pay attention, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the cause of your suffering. Visiting a local allergist for allergy testing is the best way to determine if you have allergies and what allergens trigger them. You may suffer from allergies if you:

  • Feel symptoms for longer than 1-2 weeks
  • Feel worse during specific times of the year (spring and wintertime allergies)
  • Notice problems get worse under certain circumstances or in different environments
  • Notice multiple symptoms experienced at once
  • Have a family history of allergies

It is difficult to determine the status of your allergies without seeking professional help. Allergy doctors perform in-depth allergy testing to determine exactly what causes your issues.

What are the benefits of allergy treatments?

  • Understand what causes your allergies so you can both treat and avoid them
  • Build your body's natural defense against allergies
  • Reduced dependence on nasal sprays and pills
  • The possibility of full remission

Individualized Allergy Treatments

Each patient we meet is unique and requires personalized testing and treatments. There are several factors we consider when creating your individualized treatment plan. We consider three main areas when creating plans.

Environmental Factors - learning what environments trigger symptoms and how to best avoid them.

Medication Factors - over-the-counter and prescription pills, sprays, and drops are often used in conjunction with allergy shots/immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy Factors - allergy shots are customized based on what a person is allergic to and the severity of their reactions.

Although there are similarities between those that suffer from allergies, no two people are the same. Customized immunotherapy is one of the best ways to take control of your allergy symptoms.