Can an Allergist in Abington, PA Treat Pollen and Spring Allergies?

Allergist in Abington, PA

So many people across the world dread seasonal allergies. From old to young, women to men, allergies can affect anyone. Seasonal allergies come about because certain allergens are only present at specific times of the year. In the northeast, winters are cold and long, making it difficult for grass and trees to thrive, which means pollen is not a problem. Those that suffer from pollen love the winter because they are not constantly sneezing, rubbing their eyes, and coughing. People might not like the cold, but they enjoy not feeling sick all the time or constantly taking allergy medications.

Rather than hiding away, there are things people can do to make the most of the spring when pollen is at its worst. Pollen is broken down into three types which all thrive in warmer weather:

  1. Grass (June -September)
  2. Trees (March – June)
  3. Weeds (August – October)

To deal with seasonal spring allergies, you should visit the best allergist Abington PA offers. An allergist first diagnoses allergy symptoms before creating a custom treatment plan. Doctors can target specific allergens to give relief. The pills and sprays target multiple allergens when taking allergy medication, whereas immunotherapy offers highly customized treatments.

Allergy shots take time to work, so while your body is building a natural defense, you can do a few things to reduce allergy symptoms.

On windy and warm days, try to avoid going outside too often. Pollen counts are worse with warm, dry, and windy weather. Pollen can travel for miles when carried by the wind.

For more information on allergy shots, you should not wait to reach out to the best allergist in Abington, PA

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