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Can a South Jersey Allergist Help with Pet Allergies?

One of the greatest joys in life is owning a pet. Many studies have clearly stated that owning a pet makes people happy and improves health. So many individuals would love to own a cat or dog (or both) but cannot because they are allergic to pet dander. Some people have minor reactions, whereas others can have severe reactions. The best allergists in South Jersey provide full-service allergy testing for pets and more.

allergists in South JerseyFirst, pet allergies are not just reserved for cats and dogs. Other animals that people are allergic to include:

Many individuals think that fur causes allergies, which is not the case. Birds have mites that live in feathers that are known to cause allergies. Cats, dogs, and rodents have dander, which triggers pet allergies. Many pets shed dander regardless of the amount of fur or how much. There is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic pet. The best allergist in South Jersey runs a full line of tests that determine what triggers your allergies. Maybe there is an animal that doesn’t trigger your symptoms.

Here are ways to increase your comfort levels while also benefiting from owning a pet.

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