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The Best Asthma Doctors & Allergists in Mount Laurel

What do allergies and asthma have in common outside of making people miserable? For starters, asthma and allergies have many of the same triggers and symptoms. Dust mites, pet dander, and pollen all trigger asthma and allergies, and as a result, it makes it difficult to determine what a person is suffering from (outside of making an educated guess). The human body sees allergens as a threat even though the substance is harmless for other people. Because the body identifies allergens as harmful, it creates antibodies to protect itself. The antibodies bind to allergen particles that cause a person to exhibit symptoms (runny nose, coughing, or nasal congestion). Skin reactions are also a possibility. A person's reactions that include airways, lungs, and breathing functions are considered asthma symptoms. The best allergist Mt. Laurel has to offer can help you and your loved ones.

Who Should Get Allergy Testing in South Jersey? (Top Allergy Testing in Mount Laurel)

Allergy and asthma testing South Jersey are designed to understand how the immune system reacts/overreacts to specific common allergens. Testing is done in several ways to determine which substances trigger an individual's allergy symptoms to flare up. Allergens that cause a reaction are called triggers. To determine if a person needs testing, they should keep a close eye on how they feel and know the common symptoms of allergies and asthma. Typically, people come for testing once they suspect they are suffering. Most insurance companies cover allergy testing, and the initial tests are quick and non-invasive. There is some discomfort (itching, swelling, and redness) that a person experiences during testing, but those are minimal and often go away quickly after the tests are performed. Once a person gets tested, they will know exactly what causes allergies and how to treat them. Only when a person knows what causes allergies and asthma can they begin to treat it. For more information, reach out for allergy and asthma treatment South Jersey.

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Many do not know that Mount Laurel Township, NJ, has a storied history. Archeological evidence suggests people lived in the area as early as the 1400s. General Washington led over 20,000 troops through the site during the Revolutionary War. They ended up staying in the area for roughly a month. Approximately 100 years later, the first town hall was built (1866). What mainly started as farmland has slowly become a cozy suburban town with roughly 44,000 inhabitants. Our asthma and allergy doctors in Mount Laurel Township are locals that know the area and the people. We take great pride in the care we offer our local community and beyond. Mount Laurel Township is a unique place. To best deal with allergies when working, living, or traveling through Mount Laurel, you need to know about local mold, pollen, and ragweed counts. Different South Jersey and Philadelphia areas are not the same, so being informed is the best way to remain safe.