When is the Right Time for Allergy Testing?

When dealing with allergies, you may be wondering what you can do to alleviate the symptoms. Many individuals wonder if allergy testing is an option. If you're questioning whether or not allergy testing is right for you, take a few considerations.

Allergist Willingboro

We are the best allergist Willingboro has to offer, and we want to help those who suffer from allergies. If you come to our office, we'll likely ask the following questions to determine if allergy testing is right for you.

  1. Have you used over-the-counter medications? For some who suffer from allergy seasons, over-the-counter medications are sufficient. For others, they are not as effective. If OTC medicine does not work or does a minimal job of alleviating symptoms, it's time to consider other options.
  2. How bad are your allergy symptoms? Mild symptoms are bearable, but if they're severe, we can help. Our rule of thumb is that allergy testing is the way to go if your allergies last longer than two weeks.
  3. Have you tried avoiding the suspected allergen? Many individuals try to determine their allergen on their own by elimination. For example, many people think pets cause their symptoms, so they avoid cats and dogs. However, they are still suffering. Allergy testing will not only determine what you're allergic to it will also allow you to reintroduce suspected allergens.

While allergy testing is an excellent option for most, we do not recommend it for everyone. Avoid allergy tests if:

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