Should I See an Allergist for My Rash?

Allergist in Bucks County

When a rash breaks out on your body, you may be wondering if you should see a dermatologist or an allergist? A rash typically occurs from an allergic reaction to a specific allergen. During an allergic reaction, the skin may appear reddish and patchy. The best way to treat a rash is to figure out the allergen. If you’re dealing with red, patchy skin, contact us, a leading allergist in Bucks County.

A dermatologist is trained to treat issues with the skin. An allergist will be able to diagnose the root cause of the action and begin treatment to combat the allergen. When is it best to see a dermatologist? Visit a dermatologist for the following conditions:

If you notice rashes developing on your skin, it’s best to visit an allergist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Allergists are trained to identify the allergen causing the reaction. Allergy testing will usually be conducted to determine what’s causing the rash to break out. Testing is typically done through a skin test where a tiny amount of allergens is used to test for a reaction.

Aside from skin rashes, when else should I visit an allergist? You can seek treatment from an allergist in Bucks County for the following:

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