What Allergy Testing is Done in Bucks County, PA?

Allergy symptoms range from a minor annoyance to debilitating, potentially life-threatening situations. When someone has an adverse allergic reaction, it is incredibly scary for the person suffering from an allergic reaction. Protect yourself by getting tested for allergies. Allergy triggers are highly specific to the individual and the area they live in. For instance, living in the Northeast comes with different allergy problems than living in the Southwest. Knowing what triggers allergies is the first step to preventing adverse situations.

Allergy testing depends on the person, but skin and blood testing are the two most common tests. The best allergist Bucks County, PA offers will provide a full spectrum of testing and treatments.

Skin Testing evaluates all allergens, including food, environment, seasonal, insect bites/stings, and drugs. During this type of testing, a mild form of all allergens is placed on the skin to test for an allergic reaction. Skin testing is performed in two ways: Prick & Intradermal Skin Testing. For prick testing, a minor scratch is made on the skin, and allergens are put on top. During intradermal skin testing, a small amount of the allergen is placed beneath the skin. Both testing options offer important insight, but it is best to speak with an allergist in Bucks County, PA.

Blood Testing is often done in conjunction with skin testing. Some patients require a specific blood test (lgE test/RAST test) to complete their evaluation. Under certain circumstances, skin testing is not enough to get the complete picture. For instance, a patient with dermatographism does not do well with skin testing.

Other testing is available and implemented based on the needs of each client. For more information or to get tested, reach out to the leading allergists in Bucks County, PA.

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