What Is the Point of Allergy Testing

If you suffer from allergies, you’ve probably heard about allergy testing. Allergy testing is performed with a skin prick test, and it checks for various allergens. It’s an excellent way to determine what is causing a patient’s allergy symptoms.

There are many different allergens, so it’s not always easy to determine what is causing someone’s symptoms. If you’ve suffered from an allergic reaction, then you are allergic to something. Determining what that something is, helps our doctors to treat you. Common allergens are:

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Allergy tests are relatively safe with minimal side effects. If you are allergic to the substance, there will be a reaction at the site. These symptoms often clear up within one to two hours. The biggest risk from allergy tests is an anaphylactic reaction, but this is quite rare. You will wait in our office for monitoring after the test is administered.

The results of the test will come back as either negative or positive. Positive indicates that you are allergic to the substance we used during the test. If the test comes back negative, we will usually retest with a different substance. Once your allergen is determined, we can start to begin treatment. There are different options out there. Common allergy treatments are:

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The first step to fighting allergies is understanding your allergens. Visit an allergist in Mt. Laurel today for allergy testing.