Three Main Types of Allergy Testing

When it comes to allergies, finding out what’s causing the symptoms is the first step in treatment. You need to understand what you’re allergic to before you can begin combatting your symptoms. As a leading allergist in Marlton, NJ, we specialize in testing and treating all types of allergies.

Allergy Testing in Marlton NJ

Allergy Testing in Marlton NJ

Preparing for Allergy Testing
Before testing begins, one of our doctors will meet with you and go over a few things. We’ll want to know your family history, your lifestyle, current medications you’re taking, and more. Knowing the medication you’re taking is important because there are certain medications we’ll want you to stop taking before testing, such as benzodiazepines, antihistamines, and certain heartburn medication.

The Three Types of Allergy Testing

  1. Blood Tests - In some cases, a person may be susceptible to a severe allergic reaction to a skin test. If that is suspected, then a doctor will schedule a blood test to check for allergens.
  2. Skin Tests - A skin test can check for several different allergens, including but not limited to food-related, airborne, and contact allergens. The three types of skin tests are patch, scratch, and intradermal tests. A scratch test is the most common one, and it’s typically the first option. If the results from the scratch test are inconclusive, your doctor will then prescribe an intradermal test. A patch test, also known as T.R.U.E Test, is another form of skin testing your doctor may use to determine what’s causing your allergies.
  3. Elimination Diet - If food allergens are suspected, an elimination diet may be the way to go. You’ll remove certain foods from your diet and then slowly add them back in. Your reactions to this diet will help determine your allergens.