When Are Pollen Counts Highest and Lowest in Langhorne, PA?

Allergist Langhorne PAAllergy symptoms vary. From watery eyes to itching throat to constant sneezing, they are never fun to deal with. As the best allergist Langhorne, PA offers, it's the mission of our office to help you alleviate symptoms and feel better. One of the biggest allergens in Langhorne is pollen. Medication can help combat these symptoms, and as a leading allergist in Langhorne, PA, we can help you find the right medical regime. Understanding pollen counts and when they're highest and lowest can help reduce allergy symptoms. We also have amazing allergists in Bucks County and Abington.

Allergist Langhorne PA

When are pollen counts highest in Langhorne, PA?

On a typical day, pollen counts begin to rise early and peak by midday. After that, they start to fall gradually. If a high concentration of pollen in the air triggers your symptoms, plan outdoor activities for early in the morning or later in the day.

When are pollen counts lowest in Langhorne, PA?

Before dawn, late afternoon, or early evening are times in the day when pollen counts are lowest.

While the above information is general, it's crucial to fully understand how pollen counts work to ensure your symptoms do not worsen. Many factors affect pollen counts. You should always check the day's pollen counts, which will help determine how the day will go. If the rating for pollen counts is high, you'll still be dealing with moderate pollen counts even with a decrease later in the day. If pollen counts are low, it's a safe bet that they will be particularly low at nighttime.

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