How to Check Daily Allergen Counts for Cherry Hill, NJ?

Allergist Cherry Hill NJYou know how inconvenient it can be if you suffer from seasonal allergies. From sneezing to itchy eyes and throat, the symptoms can sometimes be unbearable. As the best allergist Cherry Hill, NJ offers, we provide services to help prevent and alleviate allergy symptoms. As a top allergy doctor in Cherry Hill, NJ, we can work with you to determine what triggers your symptoms.

One excellent way to reduce allergy symptoms in South Jersey is to check the daily pollen counts. Thankfully, the internet makes finding out the day's pollen counts easier than ever. You can make it a part of your morning routine and browse the counts while sipping your morning coffee. The Weather Channel provides the counts for tree, grass, and ragweed pollen. They are measured in ranges from low to moderate to high. Accu Weather provides counts for other common allergens aside from pollen. You can find the daily counts for mold and dust and dander. Both sites provide information several days in advance allowing you to plan your weekend accordingly.

Checking the daily counts is an excellent way to start your day off right. On days when your allergen is in the high range, avoiding outdoor activities might be a good idea. If being outdoors is unavoidable, then at least you can be prepared and take the proper medication to alleviate symptoms. Pollen counts are often their highest by midday so try to plan outside time for later in the day and evenings.

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