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Why are people Allergic to Pets?

Unfortunately, allergies to animals with fur are highly common in Marlton, Willowgrove NJ. This problem goes well beyond smaller areas of New Jersey. Almost 30% of all people in the United States suffer from pet allergies. If you are allergic to animals, there are things you can to alleviate symptoms.

In order to understand why pets cause allergies, it is vital to comprehend how the immune system reacts to foreign substances that have the capacity to cause disease. People with pet allergies have over sensitive immune systems that react to harmful proteins in pet urine, saliva, or dander.  It is a common misconception that a pet’s hair is the main perpetrator of pet based allergies. Pet hair is actually not an allergen at all, but it can contain dander, urine, or saliva, which will trigger symptoms.

Cat and dog allergies are similar to pollen allergies, as they both affect the membrane that line the eyes and nose. Reactions range in severity, but typically include swelling of membranes, stuffy nose, inflamed eyes, and difficulty breathing. When a pet allergen reaches the lungs, sensitive people experience coughing, wheezing, and tightness in their chest.

The best way to solve a bothersome pet allergy is to visit a local allergist in Marlton or Willowgrove. A reputable allergist is a great way to reduce negative allergy symptoms, while keep cuddly pets in your life.

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