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Why are my Eyes always Itchy during Spring?

Do you suffer from ocular pruritus during the spring allergy season? Pruritus, pronounced proo-RIE-tus, is the medical term for itchy eyes. Almost everyone experiences itchy eyes at some point, and in many cases the main culprit is allergies. At times the pain and discomfort can feel unbearable. Allergy pills, drop, and, sprays can only off temporary relief. If you are serious about ending eye pain during the spring allergy season, you need to reach to a local allergist in Marlton NJ.

Allergens, like pollen, dust, and grass, will cause a release of histamines in the tissues around the eyes. Histamines are the leading causes of swelling, redness, and itching. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies have the additional risk of contracting conjunctivitis at this time as well.

Some people discover the hard way that they are allergic to a type of contact solution or other products that go in/around the eye (artificial tears, makeup, soaps). An allergist will help you determine what you are allergic too, so that you may avoid products that will ultimately hurt you.

The first step to managing allergies is to find out what you are allergic too. With the help of an allergist in Cherry Hill, you will be able to work towards a real and permanent solution to Pruritus. Do not suffer any longer.

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