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When to see an Asthma Specialist

When is it time to see an asthma specialist? Many symptoms of asthma mirror allergies and the common cold, so at times it can be hard to know what type of doctor to see. An asthma specialist has been trained to deal with asthma specifically. They have been prepared for nine years and must complete a 2-year fellowship program that focuses explicitly on lung diseases or allergic reactions. Asthma specialists work with patients to mitigate, diagnose, and treat allergies, asthma, and related disorders. Specialists can not cure symptoms of asthma, but instead, they help treat and manage reactions.

There are two main types of asthma specialists. Picking the right kind of doctor will allow for individuals to get better overall treatments. The two types are:

  1. A pulmonologist: these doctors specialize in diseases that affect the lungs and breathing (asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough)
  2. An immunologist/allergist: these doctors are trained to deal with allergic conditions like asthma

Knowing what doctor to see can be tricky because symptoms of allergies and asthma can be similar. If symptoms are extreme, you will want to consider a pulmonologist, but if problems are consistent, you will want to see an allergist in your town.

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