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The Main Causes of Summer Time Allergies

Suffering from allergy symptoms can affect a person’s whole life. For those who do not suffer, they might think allergy symptoms might cause sneezing and a stuffy nose, but that is only the surface of ailments connected with suffering from allergies. Summertime allergies are as severe as those experienced during the spring. For some reason, people think that springtime allergies are the worst, and that is not the case at all. Summertime allergies can cause many symptoms that closely resemble sicknesses like the common cold or the flu. Summer allergy symptoms are real, and they are created for five different reasons. These reasons include:

Trees yield pollen during the beginning of the spring, but at the end of spring (beginning of summer) pollen is mainly produced from grass and weed pollen. As July comes around, ragweed becomes the prominent allergen. Ragweed and pollen are worst on warm, breezy, and dry days. Allergy sufferers can alleviate symptoms if they avoid going out during the hot times of a day.

Other significant summer allergies are:

  • Mold
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Insect (bees)
  • Flowers

The best way to deal with allergy symptoms is to see an allergist for allergy shots. Visit our allergist at Jenkintown or Willow Grove PA.

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