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Surviving this Winter’s Allergy Season with Medication and Allergy Shots

Many individuals throughout the country cherish the holiday season, but those who suffer from winter allergies can dread this time of year. Yes, cold temperatures bring an end to pollen allergies (which is one of the most significant causes of allergies for people in the U.S.A), but a whole slew of other problems arise when temperatures drop, and windows shut. Winter allergies are usually worse when at home and indoors, and can help to contribute to sickness throughout the winter. We recommend that you prepare yourself to deal with winter allergies. You can:

Experiment with different over the counter allergy drugs. You will want to try both nasal sprays and pills. Depending on the person, different medicines can work better. Try sprays for a week and see how you feel. Then, try pills for a week and see which works better. You can even try different brands of allergy medicines to see what you respond best to.

When taking medication, make sure that you are consistent with dosages. When using nasal sprays, they are typically used once daily. You should use pills or sprays even when allergy symptoms are not present. Being consistent allows your body to fight allergens continually. If you wait to take medication when situations get bad, they will not work as well.

Coming for allergy shots is the best way to take control of your allergy symptoms fully. Our allergists in Marlton and Langhorne, PA can help you identify what you are allergic to so that we can target treatments specific to you.

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