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Remedies for Eye Allergy Symptoms

All allergy symptoms are bad, but many claim that itchy, red, and swollen eyes are the worst. It is hard to see and focus through those eyes, partially because they are being rubbed consistently. They can become swollen and red, which makes them less attractive than rested, white eyes.

In order to find relief from allergy symptoms that reek havoc on the eyes, one must seek out treatments from an allergist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This process takes time, so for immediate relief you can:

  1. Wash your face and eyes consistently throughout the day. The main cause of eye trouble is allergens in/near the eye. Keeping your face and eyes clean will help to keep allergens away.
  2. Rinse out eyes with a little bit of water. This will help flush out allergens already trapped under the eyelids.
  3. Apply a cold compress directly to you eyelids. You do not need ice. Simply soak a hand towel in cold water from the faucet and rest it on your eyes while lying down. This will help to reduce swelling, which will also make your eyes feel better.
  4. Apply allergy drops. In many cases these drops can provide at least some form of relief (not everyone experiences the same results). It is important to get a drop that you are not allergic too. An allergist in can help you determine what are good and bad drops for your eyes.
  5. Stay indoors on bad allergy days. Detailed weather reports will give the allergen report for the day as well. Staying in is not a great option, but at least you know you can use it intermittently to find some relief.
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