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Prepping Your Body for Spring Allergy Season

If you experience spring allergies, you may not be as excited about the end of winter as others. The warmer temperatures indicate the start of the spring allergy season. Allergy sufferers should take necessary steps to prepare their body for springtime allergies.

Patients should start treatment before symptoms arise. Take medication within two weeks before your symptoms typically start. Taking medication early on will prepare your body for the influx of allergens. Additionally, doing this will ease common symptoms such as a stuffy nose or watery eyes.

Cleaning out your home will prevent allergic reactions. A deep cleaning of dusting, washing, and vacuuming will remove dust and pollen that has found its way in the home. Anytime you work outside, immediately shower and clean the dirty clothes. Doing this will prevent allergens from entering the home.

The nice weather tempts many to open their windows and let the warm air inside. If you suffer from allergies, do not open the windows. Doing this is the easiest way to bring pollen into your home.

Ensure good air quality in your home by changing the home’s air filter. Replace the air filter every three months.

The number one way to prep your body for the spring allergy season is to visit an allergist Cherry Hill. Visit an allergist Marlton, NJ to discuss medication options and prevention.

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