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Preparing for and Getting Through Allergy Shots

Do you suffer from seasonal or ongoing allergies? If so, you may consider an allergy shot. Allergy shots can be incredibly beneficial for those suffering from allergies. They will help to make breathing easier, and they can make life a lot more comfortable.

Before you receive your allergy shot, there are steps you will need to take to prepare. The first step taken during preparation is a skin test which is performed by your doctor. The purpose of the skin test is to determine that your reactions are in fact being caused by an allergy. To do the skin test, your doctor will scratch the suspected allergen into your skin. If swelling and redness occur within 15 minutes, then you do have an allergy to the substance.

Once it is determined that you have an allergy and that allergy shots are a viable option, you will need to have a discussion with your doctor. Have the doctor and nurses be aware of any medical issues. If you had received an allergy shot in the past, let the doctor know of any reactions that may have occurred.

After you receive the shot, it may take some time before you see results. The buildup phase for allergy shots typically takes three to six months. During this time, shots are given to the patient one to three times a week. The doctor increases the allergen with each shot.

Once you have completed the buildup phase, you will enter the maintenance phase. This period can last three to five years. For some, it can last longer or indefinitely. During the maintenance phase, allergy shots are given about once a month.

If you suffer from seasonal or ongoing allergies, an allergy shot may be helpful. Before getting the shot, you will want to talk with an allergist. Contact an allergist Cherry Hill or allergist Langhorne NJ to discuss your options and determine if an allergy shot is right for you.

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