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Pills or Spray?

If you have ever been down an allergy medication aisle at a drug store, you might have noticed many options for allergy medication. The number of options constitutes “choice overload.” How is someone supposed to decide under these circumstances? One of the hardest decisions to make is whether to get allergy pills or sprays.

There are many allergy symptoms, and how you suffer can help you decided whether to take pills or use a spray. If your symptoms are mostly in the nose and sinuses, a spray could work best. Allergy sprays have steroids that help to fight congestion more effectively than pills with decongestants added to them. Also, pills that have decongestants added to them can be harmful to those with heart disease or high-blood pressure.

A downside of sprays is that they can take a while to work. They require consistent use, meaning that it can take up to a week to notice relief. Pills are known to give more immediate relief of symptoms.

Pills are usually the better options for other allergy symptoms that are not related to the nose. Pill often tackle multiple symptoms at once, and so pills can be better than sprays if you suffer from many allergies.

The smartest thing anyone can do before shopping for allergy medication is to see a local allergist. Only a doctor who specializes in allergy treatments can help create an appropriate medicine regiment. We have allergists in Marlton and Willowgrove, so reach out for a consultation today. Don’t suffer from allergy symptoms any longer!

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