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Important Information About Summer Allergies

Summer allergies can turn a beautiful day into an uncomfortable nightmare. Most people who suffer from allergies experience their worst symptoms during the spring months of April and May. In Newton PA, many of the same triggers that cause springtime allergies are to blame for summertime allergies.

According to Allergists in Newton PA, grass and weed based pollens are the biggest culprit for summer time allergies. Ragweed is one of the most common summertime allergies because it can travel for hundreds of miles with the assistance of the wind. Even if you don’t live in an area where ragweed grows, it can still cause issues if it reaches you via the wind.

Another summertime allergy culprit is smog. Smog, or air pollution, is created in the atmosphere and is the mixture of sunlight, car exhaust chemicals, and moisture in the air.  Smog is the worst in the summer because of the strong sunlight and calmer winds.  Those who are sensitive to smog often have allergy symptoms that affect their upper respiratory system.

If you experience runny noses, coughing, itchy eyes, sneezing, and lethargy during the summer, you most likely have summer time allergies. Contact an allergist in Newton PA for help with combating those summertime sniffles.

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