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Help Kids Overcome Fear of Allergy Shots

It is uncommon to find a child who is not at least a little bit scared of needles. Going for vaccinations can be difficult because some kids are prone to freaking out once a needle is mentioned or shown. The child is thinking about the immediate pain and is ignoring the long-term benefits of getting the shot. Fortunately, shots are not an everyday occurrence for most children. Children who suffer from allergies are much more likely to be around needles and shots, so it is important for parents, guardians, nurses, and doctors to try and alleviate the fear and anxiety that the child has. Below, we will recommend a few tips to try and help make allergy shots easier for children.

Be open and honest with the child. Lying will breed distrust, and if there is no trust, a kid is much less likely to let someone get close. Don’t downplay a child’s fear. What might not hurt for an adult can very well be painful for a child.

Put on a smile and be brave, just like you expect the kid to be. If you cringe at the sight of needles, then your child is much more likely to develop an irrational fear. By putting yourself in a positive space before shots, it will help the child to get to a positive place in their mind.

Trying to distract the child during the actual shot will take their mind off the impending injection. Headphones, tablets, or conversations (games), will help to keep a child distracted. Do not just sit in the room playing on your phone. Help keep your kid occupied.

Try and make the treatment as fun as can be. Create games to play before going or while at the doctor. You can also try and create a reward system that encourages bravery and fun.

Our allergists in Marlton and our allergists in Willowgrove are trained to cater to the unique needs of children. A child’s fear is no reason for them to suffer from allergy symptoms. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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