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Getting Over Fears of Allergy Shots

Getting needles injected into your arm on a weekly basis may not be a desirable way to spend your time. Some individuals are scared of getting shots, and they will try to avoid those situations at all costs. For those who hate needles and also suffer from allergies, your best option in many cases is immunotherapy (allergy shots).

If you dislike needles, you may try and convince yourself that immunotherapy is not for you, meaning that it will not work. Of course, there is no guarantee when going for shots, but studies do suggest it helps many people. Those who do not benefit from allergy shots after a year of treatments are likely suffering from one of four things:

  1. Extremely high levels of allergens
  2. Exposure to non-allergic triggers (smoke)
  3. Not treating all allergens that trigger symptoms
  4. An inadequate dosage of allergy vaccine

The risks associated with the treatments are minimal. After shots, patients typically notice redness and slight swelling of the area. This is normal. The area may itch too, but you will want to avoid scratching. You may also notice allergy symptoms increasing for a few hours or a day. There are more severe risks, such as anaphylactic reactions, but those are relatively rare.

For children, men, women, and seniors, allergy shots can help to lessen allergy symptoms. For more information about treatments, call an allergist in Marlton, NJ.

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