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Four Most Common Winter Allergy Triggers

Most people who suffer from allergies will feel symptoms throughout the year; however, there is usually one of the four seasons that trigger the symptoms more consistently. Some who suffer from summer allergies have the symptoms intensified by the same triggers. The four worst triggers for winter allergy suffers are:

Pet dander: the winter brings shorter and colder days. When it snows, getting around can be tough. During the winter, animals are more likely to spend time in the home, which will increase exposure to more frequent dander.

Mildew and mold: decaying yard waste and leaves engender an ideal spot for both mildew and mold to grow. This makes breathing outside hard. As individuals walk through grass and leaves, their shoes pick up mold and mildew particles that are brought into work and the home.

Damp wood: mold does not just grow indoors and on decaying leave. Bringing firewood into the home means that you are also welcoming in the mildew and mold.

Dirty air filters and poor circulation: it is hard to get fresh air in a home during the winter because people tend to leave their windows closed (to stay warm). If the HVAC air filter is dirty, then you will be breathing in the same dirt and dust. The allergen filled air just circulates, and you must breathe it.

The best way to treat your winter allergy symptoms is to visit our allergists in Marlton Pa and Langhorne PA. Our allergist can help you determine what you are specifically allergic too and they can help give you custom treatments to lessen your symptoms and reactions substantially.

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