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Food Allergies and Children

Parents and guardians only want what is best for their children. Protecting a child from all forms of harms is the biggest responsibility for adults. Hands are held when crossing a street and education is enforced as a foundation of life. What about the food we feed our children? As humans learn more about the impact of food on health, parents tend to try and feed children healthy food and beverages. Rather than just fretting about the quality of the food, it is important that all parents look for signs of food allergies. Children tend to be more allergic than adults, and so monitoring children while they eat is important.

The five most common food allergies for kids are:

  1. Dairy: any milk or cheesed based product can cause hives, wheezing, digestive problems, and itchy skin.
  2. Eggs: eggs can cause the skin to inflame or develop hives. Some also say they notice nasal congestion and stomach pain. In few cases, individuals have anaphylaxis attacks.
  3. Wheat: a grain allergy might be hard to spot because it usually only causes digestive distress. In some cases, children can develop small reddish dots on the back of arms. It can also result in tiredness after eating.
  4. Soybeans: these beans, and byproducts made from these beans, will cause skin problems like itching and hives. In more severe cases, soy can cause swelling of the face and throat.
  5. Peanuts and Nuts: out of all the above foods, peanuts can be the most deadly. The most common symptom is anaphylaxis shock, which can make it difficult to breathe.

Our allergists in Marlton and Willowgrove are trained to identify specific allergies and to help treat them. Let our team of allergists help you and your family.

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