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Do Allergy Shots Work?

Roughly 85 percent of people who go for regular allergy shots have their symptoms lessened. Allergy shots are a form of immunotherapy, which is not a medication. The shots are natural in their approach to increasing tolerance to allergy symptoms.

Allergy shots work by having trace amounts of specific allergens injected into the blood stream. Prior injections, an allergist in Marlton NJ will test each patient to see what allergens trigger their symptoms. These tests let doctors know what type of and how many injections will be needed.

Each person suffers from different allergens, and as a result, no two treatments are the same. Some people start treatments with 6 to 8 shots in the arm a week. As time passes, the frequency of shots lessen. Some sufferers only need one or two shots. Going to meet with an allergist Willowgrove will allow you to understand what causes your pain and suffering.

Seeing an allergist for shots does not sound pleasant, but it the best answer to dealing with allergies. Pills can work in the short run, but ultimately the chemicals are not good for you for prolonged periods of time (they also take a toll on your annual budget).

Be smart about your allergies and see an allergist Marlton NJ.

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