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Controlling Summer Time Allergies

For most, long summer days are welcomed and enjoyed. This is especially the case in the North East because winters there are usually dark and cold. Unfortunately, winter days are a haven for people who suffer from summertime allergies. Summertime sufferers will dread the summer because it will make them feel sick. Rather than dreading the summer season, it is essential for allergy sufferers to act and prepare their bodies and homes.

  1. Just as most owners engage in spring cleaning, allergy sufferers must try to do summer cleaning. Right before summer hits, do a deep and throughout clean of your home including dusting, vacuuming, and washing windows. Consider moving furniture and cleaning in hard to reach places. Getting rid of allergens in the house will make the home more comfortable.
  2. Once the home is clean, it is important to keep windows closed. You do not want to let in pollen, dust, or grass particles into your living space. If you get warm, you can run an air conditioner or fan.
  3. Take off your shoes when you get home and avoid wearing your outside clothes inside. As you travel outside, you attracted and bring home allergens that can trigger symptoms. Remember, you are trying to keep your space clean.
  4. If you own pets, do not let them in some regions of the home, especially the bedroom. The dander they carry can make summertime symptoms worse.

Going to an allergist will help prepare your body for the summer. First, an allergist will identify what you are allergic too so that they can help you treat symptoms more efficiently. For a consultation, visit our allergists in Willow Grove and Jenkintown PA.

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