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Considerations Before Going for Allergy Shots

Going for allergy shots is a smart but big decision. Going for immunotherapy is one of the best ways to lessen allergy symptoms, but it is a lengthy process. Below, we will be going over some considerations that individuals should think about prior to coming for their first allergy session.

Allergy shots require repeated treatments over extended periods of times. During the first six months of treatments, most patients are expected to receive shots every two to four weeks. If you are at a transitory point in your life, you may want to wait for routine in your life.  You will need to meet with your doctor frequently within the first stages of immunotherapy, so make sure that you will be around. Many patients go for shots between three to five years.

The cost of allergy shots may be a factor for some. Those who are discouraged by the out-of-pocket cost need to recognize the long-term benefits. Allergy shots will reduce the need for medication, hospital visits, and missed days of work/school. In the long run, immunotherapy is cost effective.

You will want to talk to an allergist about the medication you are currently on. Some medicine will act adversely with the allergens being injected into the body.

Pregnant women should not consider allergy shots until after giving birth. If a woman goes for treatments prior to getting pregnant, the woman can continue going for treatments.

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