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Are Allergy Shots Dangerous?

If you suffer from seasonal or ongoing allergies, you might consider taking an allergy shot. An allergy shot can help to reduce symptoms. Life will become much more comfortable, and breathing will be a lot easier.

An allergy shot will consist of the allergen that affects you. Getting a tiny amount of the allergen into your body will force your immune system to react. With time you can become more immune to the allergen. Because time is needed, you will receive several shorts throughout an extended period. You start off with one to two shots a week and eventually will only need one monthly. Some people will need the shot for life while others will eventually become completely immune to the allergen.

While allergy shots can be incredibly beneficial for those suffering from allergies, there are some side effects to know. When you first get the shot, you are expected to remain at the doctor’s office for about thirty minutes. This waiting period will allow the doctor to determine if there have been any side effects. If you do develop a severe reaction to the shot, the doctor will be able to treat you right away.

The most common side effect from getting an allergy shot is a reaction at the injection site. However, the reactions are usually mild and tend to resolve within a few hours of receiving the shot.

Another common side effect is nasal congestion, watery eyes, and discomfort in the throat. These symptoms also tend to be mild and resolve within a few hours.

While not common, there are some serious side effects to allergy shots. Some people have broken out in hives, or experienced sneezing or wheezing after receiving their shot. Others experienced pressure in the chest or throat swelling.

The more severe reactions will require medical attention. Make sure you doctor is aware of any side effects you may have from the shot. In some cases, the doctor will need to adjust the dosage the next time you receive your shot.

While there are some minor to severe side effects from getting an allergy shot, they can also be incredibly helpful for those suffering from seasonal or ongoing allergies. Before deciding if an allergy shot is right for you, contact an allergist Langhorne NJ. An allergist Cherry Hill will be able to discuss your options with you and decide on the right course to take to battle your allergies.

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