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Am I Sick or is it Just Winter Allergy Symptoms?

When the weather gets colder, many people start to feel sick. With chilly temperatures in the air, people can get the sniffles, start sneezing, have congestion in the face, and even the feeling of tiredness. The above symptoms can mean one of two things: either you are getting sick or you are suffering from winter allergy symptoms. It is crucial for your health to determine why you are feeling the way you are. The only way to accurately treat your body is to know what is wrong with it.

One way to determine if you are sick or if you are suffering from winter allergies is to wait and see how you feel after a week. Colds and winter sickness only last in the body for up to a week, and usually that is an extended period. Winter allergies can be persistent and last for weeks and even months. If after a week you do not feel better, turn to an allergist in Langhorne, PA for proper treatment.

Our allergist in Langhorne and Marlton, PA can tell you what you are specifically allergic too, and they can also help you treat your winter symptoms. You do not have to suffer, and you do not have to live on pills and spray. Call our allergists in Langhorne, PA and Marlton, PA to schedule your first appointment.

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