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Allergies and Pests

When the word allergy is mentioned, most people think of pollen or pets, and warm weather. During the warmer months, a silent allergen lurks in the areas unseen and causes uncomfortable symptoms: insects.


Insects become more noticeable and prolific during the warmer months and cause a wide range of allergy symptoms.  In Marlton and Wilmington, New Jersey, there is a large number of allergy causing insects.

Stinging insects:


Insects are equipped with defense mechanisms to help them survive in the wild. Unfortunately, these defenses are often painful to humans.  For example, bees, wasps, hornets, and fire ants are the most common stinging insects with the ability to cause an allergic reaction. These bugs contain venom that reacts negatively with the body. This venom triggers pain at the site of the sting, swelling, fever, and sometimes life threating allergic reactions.

Biting Insects:

Another type of insect that causes uncomfortable allergy symptoms is biting bugs. The body’s response to a foreign fluid or bacteria in the body causes inflammation, redness, itching and minor swelling. The most common summer time insect that causes such symptoms is the pesky mosquito.

If you suffer from aggressive allergic reactions to these insects, contact an allergist in Marlton, Wilmington for professional assistance!

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