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Take Control of your Allergies This Year

There a lot of common New Year’s resolutions people make, such as exercise, eat healthy, and read more. If the goal of the above resolutions is to make life better, you may want to consider adding a few extra to your list. For those that suffer from allergies, why not make your resolution to breath better, stop wheezing, and sneeze less?Allergist Willow Grove PA

Those that suffer from allergies or asthma can make minor tweaks in their life that can help to increase overall health and happiness.

Smoking is not only bad for your health but also triggers allergy symptoms for adults who smoke and children who are unfortunately around second-hand smoke. Smoking around a child can double their risk of hospitalization. Making your lungs happy will improve overall health and allergy symptoms.

Clean your home and make your room a sanctuary. It is nearly impossible to avoid allergens in the outside world, but in your home is a different story. After doing a major clean, you should:

  • Avoid wearing shoes in the house
  • Avoid wearing outside clothes in the house
  • Clean HVAC air filters
  • Purchase room air filters
  • Get hypoallergenic sheets and bedding
  • Do not let pets into your bedroom

Be smart about how you exercise. Check weather reports before going to run outside, so that you can avoid running on days that have high pollen counts, pollution, or cold weather. If exercising indoors, avoid doing so in a cold room.

See an allergist. If you learn what causes symptoms, an allergist can create a detailed plan to treat specific symptoms. Going for allergy shots, immunotherapy, is the best way to tackle allergy symptoms. If you need an allergist in Jenkintown PA, or Willow Grove, let us be your first call.

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