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Indoor Allergies are Just as Bad as Outdoor Allergies

Those that suffer from allergies are well aware of what allergens are. In short, they are foreign particles to the body that cause allergic reactions. Allergens surround us almost all the time. You might hear on the news about pollen reports for the day, which may make it seem like allergens stay outside. That is not the case. Your living and working environment contain varying amounts of allergens in the form of animal dander, plant life, and pollen the sneaks into your home.


Indoor allergy symptoms can be just as bad (if not worse in some instances) as outdoor symptoms. Understand common indoor allergens helps individuals to manage symptoms at home.

Before knowing about indoor allergens, it is essential to know exactly what you are allergic too. When preparing indoor spaces to be allergy-free, you can now focus on allergens that affect you most. Visit our Moorestown NJ allergist office for a thorough and complete allergy report. We can tell you precisely what you are allergic too.

The most common indoor allergy symptoms include runny noses and nasal congestions. Other symptoms include postnasal drip, watery eyes, and excessive sneezing. Some people even experience wheezing and difficulties breathing.

Some individuals have worse reactions, like conjunctivitis in the eyes. Eczema and allergic dermatitis are rashes that cause itching, and they can also be symptoms of indoor allergens.

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