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Reasons Why Parents Should Test Their Children for Allergies

The thought of taking your child to a doctor for a shot is not exactly an exciting one. Many dread those moments, and no one can blame them. For many parents, the thought of weekly allergy shots is not ideal. Parents sometimes do not get their child tested because they are under the impression that to get a test, you need to get injected. That is very much not the case anymore. Do not hesitate to reach out for allergy testing in Jenkintown PA.

Allergy Testing Jenkintown PA

What can you expect during your first visit? We administer tests on the child’s back by lightly scratching their skin. Many children even think it kind of tickles. Parents are in front of their children, distracting them with a story, a game, or a tablet. This process works for testing most allergens. In some cases, blood might need to be drawn, or injections might need to be made, but that comes later. We also do allergy testing in Abington PA. Don’t let your allergies get the best of you. Come for allergy testing Abington PA today!

The wait after the test is roughly 20 minutes. Your child should notice minor swelling and redness, indicating what allergens triggered their symptoms. In a few hours, your child may be itchy. Give them an antihistamine to help with their symptoms.

Allergy Testing Jenkintown Pa

After we know what your child is allergic too, we can create a wellness plan that helps their bodies learn to fight allergens that cause trouble, naturally.

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