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What are the Side Effects of Allergy Shots

People of all ages seek out and use immunotherapy across the entire country. The benefits of allergy shots are experienced by most people that go for them. Even though many achieve remission, there are side effects that you need to be made aware of. Learning about the side effects of allergy shots and how they will affect you will calm your mind and strengthen your resolve to start immunotherapy. For specific information, you should reach out for the best allergy doctor Newtown PA has to offer you.

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Swelling & Itching

The most common side effect you experience is raised skin near the site of injection. It’ll look like a bad mosquito bite, and the size ranges based on how allergic a person is to the allergen. It is important to note that this reaction is very normal, and typically it only lasts for several hours after treatment. For some, the swelling can last up to 24 hours.

Normal Allergy Symptoms

Because allergy shots are concentrated versions of what triggers your allergy symptoms, patients can experience normal allergy symptoms after injections. People have itchy and red eyes, scratchy throats, and running and sneezing noses. Taking an antihistamine before or after treatments is a great way to reduce symptoms.

Anaphylaxis Response

Sometimes, in rare cases, allergy shots have caused patients to have a negative anaphylaxis response. At these times, a person will feel dizziness and will experience difficulty breathing. These reactions can manifest for up to 30 minutes after receiving an allergy shot. An allergy doctor Newtown PA will ask you to remain in the office for some time after shots so that they can monitor your body’s response to injections. As time goes on, you do not need to wait as long.

Stay Healthy

Do not go for your weekly or monthly allergy shots if you are feeling sick. The worst side effects that patients experience typically happen when getting injections while sick. Take the time to recover before visiting your allergist Bucks County.

For more information about getting allergy testing, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

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