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Why Are My Allergies So Bad During the Winte

Freezing weather and short days are the perfect combinations for stopping seasonal pollen allergies, which means that many allergy sufferers welcome cold days. For many others, wintertime allergies complicate daily life and make the home uncomfortable. Being stuck indoors can contribute to sickness because of winter allergens. Homes that contain dust mites, mold, or animal dander can make individuals feel sick. If your allergy symptoms get worse as temperatures outside get colder, you should reach out for the best allergist Bucks County has to offer.

Allergist Bucks County
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To keep warm and keep energy bills down, individuals keep windows shut (preventing fresh air flow). A forced-air furnace circulates air, which means that allergens get picked up and circulated throughout a home. Allergens in the home are worse in the winter because of reduced ventilation.

You can do several things to make life at home more comfortable. These things include:

  • Reaching out to the best allergist Bucks County
  • Buy a dehumidifier to ensure home humidity remains below 50% (to reduce dust mites)
  • Remove carpeting and replace it with a solid, hard surface. Carpeting harbors animal dander, mold, and other allergens
  • Reduce direct contact with pets, and avoid letting them into bedrooms
  • Give your pets a weekly bath to remove excess dander
  • Wash bedding at least once a week in hot water (above 130° F) to kill and prevent dust mites
  • Use impermeable covers on bedding and pillows to limit exposure to dust mites

Allergist Bucks County

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