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Where Allergens Hide in Your Home

It would be nice if individuals could escape allergy symptoms by going home, but unfortunately, allergens have a way of hiding in a house. Those that suffer from indoor allergies must be mindful of things they do in the home because allergens are all around us. We will be going over some ways to curb hidden allergies in your home. You should also consider allergy shots in Marlton or Willow Grove, PA if you want real, lasting relief from allergy symptoms.

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  • Many pet owners consider pets to be part of the family, but unlike brothers and sisters, dogs and cats have allergy-causing dander. It would be cruel to keep them outside all the time, but you should at least keep them out of your bedroom and off your bed.
  • People take off shoes when they get home to avoid tracking in dirt, but what about the allergies stuck to the bottom of shoes? Those can get brought into the home with a pair of shoes.
  • Scenting a room with oils, candles, or room sprays can negatively affect allergy symptoms.
  • Get yourself hypoallergenic bedding, meaning sheets, pillows, and cases.
  • Buy a dehumidifier to lower moisture levels in your home because moisture breeds mold and dust mites.
  • Remove carpeting and replace it with hard flooring. You would be surprised to find out how much allergens hide in your carpet.
  • Buy air filters and HEPA filters for HVAC systems.
  • Use exhaust fans whenever cooking.
  • Avoid smoking in the house.

Keep your home allergy free, and you will feel better. For more information on allergists in Willow Grove or Marlton, PA, let us be your first call.


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