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Learning about Fall Allergies

Many people look forward to the fall because of the pleasant weather and scenery. Hot summer days cool off, and the changing of tree leaves turn from green to breathtaking colors. Summertime allergy sufferers celebrate the changing seasons because they can finally have their symptoms alleviated. For many individuals, summertime allergies can carry through into fall. Triggers of fall allergies are different from summer, but the same symptoms can occur at both times. Our allergist in New Jersey, allergist in Cherry Hill

The biggest culprit of fall allergies is ragweed. This issue begins at the end of summer (August), and it can carry through until October. Ragweed does not even need to be growing near where you live. On windy days, this pollen can travel over 100 miles. Certain vegetables and fruits can also trigger symptoms for those who are allergic to ragweed.

Another big fall trigger is mold. Most commonly, people can find mold growing in the dark, damp basements/bathrooms. Mold also grows in wet spots outside, for instance in damp, dying leaves that are on the ground.

Lastly, we cannot forget about dust mites. Dust mites harm allergy sufferers during the summer and fall. As people begin to heat homes and shut windows, it is easier for dust mites to be circulated through the house.

Our allergists in Willow Grove and Jenkintown, PA can help treat fall allergy symptoms. To find out what you are allergic to, come for allergy testing in Jenkintown, PA.

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