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Knowing What to Expect for an Allergy Appointment

Hearing about allergy shots can scare certain people. The thought of having skin pricked, weekly injections, and itching/swelling skin can turn someone away from immunotherapy. Knowing more about the process of getting shots can help to ease people’s mind and encourage them to go. Willow Grove,Yardley in PAThere is some pain and discomfort associated with getting allergy shots, but those pale in comparison to suffering from allergy symptoms for an entire life. Most people find relief with allergy shots. Most people who were scared and hesitant later discover that there was nothing to fear in the first place.

All immunotherapy starts with testing and devising an individualized treatment plan. Each person is different, and so no two treatment plans are the same. On your first visit, you will fill out the forms, meet with the allergist, and have skin tests performed.

In many cases, a follow-up test is needed, which helps to give the most accurate results.

Once testing is done, treatment of the patient can begin. Each week, patients will come back to our offices to receive an injection for immunotherapy. These shots will continue every week for the first six months after allergy sessions are lessened.

The most common side effects from shots are itchy, red, and swollen skin around the area of injection. These symptoms last roughly a day or two.

There is little to be afraid of, and so you should conquer your fear and come for allergy testing in Jenkintown, PA. We also have offices in Willow Grove and Yardley PA.

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