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Important Things to Know About Ragweed Pollen

The effects of ragweed pollen are real, and it affects roughly twenty-five million Americans, young and old, and male and female. Ragweed pollen is a very common allergen in the United States. It is relatively light pollen, which makes it easy to spread far and wide. It is carried by the wind, which means it can travel up to 400 miles on a windy day. As fall approaches, those who suffer from nasal and allergic asthma start to feel symptoms. Knowing more about ragweed pollen helps individuals to best fight against it.

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Ragweed pollen is known as a fall-time allergen. Because different states in the U.S.A. have different temperatures and climates, the start of ragweed pollen season can start at slightly different times. Some states can begin as early as July, whereas others start closer to late August. For most, mid-September is the height of ragweed season.

Ragweed grows in most states. It is found in all States except for Alaska. There are also over fifteen different types of Ragweed.

Immunotherapy is one of the best ways to fight against this pesky ;. Allergy shots can lessen symptoms.

Be careful and try to avoid ragweed. If you are tired of hiding in your home, avoiding ragweed symptoms, visit our allergists in Willow Grove, Yardley, and Jenkintown, PA. Come to us for allergy testing.

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