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Allergy Testing and Nighttime Allergies in JenkinTown, PA

Suffering from allergies is never pleasant, but for many, it seems like nighttime allergies are the worst. When allergies disrupt sleep, it can ruin the whole next day. For many, it is difficult to both fall asleep and to remain sound asleep. Allergy Doctor Willow Grove, Jenkintown, or Yardley PA.It is difficult to sleep when you cannot breathe through your nose comfortably, you are coughing, or there is mucus building up in the back of the throat. These people toss and turn throughout the night and then spend the next day fatigued and ready for a nap.

Why are nighttime allergies so bad?

Most people think that pollen levels are at their worst during the day, but that is very much not the case. Nighttime hours are perfect for pollen because of the lower temperatures. A nighttime chill settles the pollen down, which gives things that are outside a nice coating. Frequently, pollen is brought from the outside world and into the bedroom. Pillows, sheets, and mattresses tend to harbor pollen and dust mites, which are very common allergy triggers. Unless people are diligent and willing to change their bed sheets every night, there is little one can do to escape terrible nighttime allergies. Individuals that are dealing with allergy ridden, sleepless nights should go for allergy testing in Willow grove, Jenkintown, or Yardley, Bucks County,PA.

The three most common nighttime allergy triggers are:

  1. Pollen
  2. Dust Mites
  3. Animal Dander

The most frequent symptoms that allergy sufferers experience include:

  • Nasal Congestion
  • Running Nose
  • Coughing
  • Mucus in Throat
  • Itchy/Watery Eyes

Preventing nighttime allergies requires individuals to do several things. By engaging in several preventative tactics, you can have an overall better night sleep. First, and probably most importantly, if your sheets and pillows are old, throw them out and get new, hypoallergenic versions. If you have the extra money, you can even consider replacing an old mattress. Go online or to a local electronics store and get an air purifier for your bedroom. Make sure to keep the air filter clean. If you can, get rid of carpeting or rugs because they harbor all the bad stuff your body does not like. If possible, do not bring outside clothing into your bedroom, and especially not shoes. Treat the bedroom as a sanctuary, and it will remain that way.

Be careful opening windows because pesky pollen can get into your home that way. Many people will run fans and run A/C units to keep a comfortable temperature in the house to compensate for closed windows. If you are doing this, it is imperative to adequately dust fans and to change/clean HVAC air filters.

Pets are family members. They deserve our love and our attention. They should not, however, be on the bed. If you are concerned with allergens, you may consider not letting them in the bedroom at all. Pet dander can seriously impede healthy sleeping habits (especially if you are allergic to pet dander). Some people buy short-hair animals because they believe they do not trigger allergy symptoms, but unfortunately, that is not true. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet. Some pets trigger symptoms worse than others, but all pets have dander. Pet dander is miniature, almost microscopic, pieces of skin that are shed by dogs, cats, rodents, and birds (pretty much any animal with some fur or feathers). These skin particles are what trigger allergic reactions.

Allergy Testing Jenkintown PA

Besides preventing the symptoms, there are things people can do in the interim to help ease the troubles of nighttime allergies. Many allergy remedies can be beneficial for nighttime relief. Many options are over-the-counter and holistic. A pharmacist can help direct you to a solution that could work, but they give recommendations with less certainty than our allergists. We do full allergy testing, which allows us to know what is causing your pain. We can recommend medication, while also starting allergy remediation shots. Starting allergy shots is the most effective treatment strategy that allergy sufferers have. Come for testing near Willow Grove, Abington, Jenkintown, Bucks County, or Yardley PA.

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