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Allergist in Jenkintown, PA: What are Allergy Headaches?

Although headaches are usually not a sign of serious illness, they can still harm the quality of a person’s life. One common cause of headaches is the result of allergies and sinus problems. There are three common causes of allergy headaches, which are:Allergist Jenkintown PA

  1. Food allergies: for some people, there is a direct relationship between headaches and food. Experts connect chemical properties in certain foods to pain. Common chemical properties linked to allergies include artificial sweeteners, chocolate, and aged cheeses.
  2. Histamines: a body will produce histamines when reacting to allergens. When histamines are introduced to the body, it will decrease blood pressure in the body, which can result in a headache.
  3. Hay fever (allergic rhinitis): Hay fever can cause a headache because of sinus problems.

Once you know your allergy triggers, it is possible to avoid them and to lower your chances of suffering from allergy headaches. If your allergy symptoms are triggered by airborne allergens, you should consider:

  • Keeping furnace and HVAC filters clean
  • Removing carpeting from your home
  • Buying and using dehumidifiers
  • Regularly dusting and vacuuming your house

If you are unsure if your headaches are related to allergies, you should come to visit our allergists in Jenkintown and Marlton, PA. We will run tests to determine exactly what you are allergic to and how to treat your specific symptoms best. In the short-term, we recommend allergy medication, but for long-term relief, allergy shots are best. Do not suffer more than you have to.

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