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A Healthy Diet to Help Deal with Allergy Symptoms

The best way to fight allergies is with the help of a local immunologist. With their skills, they can diagnose what causes allergies in a person and to treat that cause directly. It is a long process, going for allergy shots, but it is the best long-term option for dealing with seasonal or year-round allergy symptoms. While going for shots, patients can do a lot of small things that can eventually add up to big relief.Allergist Willow Grove PA

Most people know about keeping a clean bedroom and switching to hypoallergenic bedding, as well as over-the-counter pills and sprays. Most people do not recognize that a person’s diet also can have an impact on allergy symptoms. We are not referring to food that triggers allergic reactions, like peanuts or strawberries, but instead, we are talking about how diet can lessen allergic reactions to pollen, dust, and pet dander.

Try consuming:

  • Green Tea: this type of tea, with or without caffeine, is a natural antihistamine, which helps to reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Japanese Wasabi: this green paste can help open nasal passageways, making it easier to breathe.
  • Probiotics (i.e., yogurt): these foods and drinks help to regulate a human’s immune system, which can lead to fewer allergy problems.
  • Low-Calorie Diet: those who weigh less tend to suffer less from allergy symptoms.

Certain foods should not be consumed because they are known to trigger symptoms. Try avoiding:

  • Spicy foods during high pollen days. Spicy food forces the body to release histamine, which can cause allergy symptoms to be worse.
  • Raw foods at the worst part of allergy seasons. Fresh veggies and fruits can contain pesticides, which will bother allergies. Either do a great job of washing or cook your food.

If allergies are suspected, your allergist will ask you about your health , family history, environment and perform a physical exam. We specialize in providing premier care in the Abington, Jenkintown, Newtown, & Willow Grove areas to help you manage your allergies and asthma.

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