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What to Expect When Getting Allergy Shots

There are several different ways to treat your allergy symptoms. There are various holistic remedies, as well as allergy pills, sprays, and drops. All the products designed to treat allergy symptoms are simply ways to allow you short-term comfort. Pills can help fight problems associated with allergies for 12-24 hours, or a spray might give you relief for the night. For those who suffer from sever allergy symptoms, or those who simply suffer all the time, there is an option for treatment that will make you less allergic to things. You can call up a local allergist and speak to them about immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy for allergies comes in the form of shots. Each week, an allergist will inject you with minimal traces of the thing(s) your body is allergic too. It could be one shot, if you are not allergic to much, but it can be more shots if you are allergic to a good deal of things. An allergist will put trace amounts of allergens under your skin so that your body can develop immunity. The main goal with immunotherapy is to stop allergic reactions, but all people do not achieve that. If allergy shots do not remove your allergic reactions, then they will lessen the symptoms substantially.

The first step of beginning immunotherapy is finding out what you are allergic too. An allergist will want to run two sets of tests on a person before they determine what allergens cause your symptoms to flair up. The first test is called the scratch test. For this test, you will get very minor scratches on the skin. The Dr. will put different allergens on the open skin. If the skin gets itchy and red, you are allergic. The next test is rather similar, but allergens get injected under the skin. This gives the allergist a clearer understanding of what a person is allergic too and just how allergic they are.

One important thing to note about beginning this treatment it is a long process. You must also be diligent with the treatments as well. You will be going to an allergist weekly to get shots, and this will last for six months to a year. As you begin to build a tolerance, doses get bigger. At a certain point you will be able to take two weeks worth of shots in one sitting. After that you will move to monthly. Calling a local Allergist in Jenkintown is your best bet for ending those terrible allergy symptoms.

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