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What is Skin Testing in Abington, PA?

To treat allergies, you first must know what causes your allergic reactions. The only way to do this is through an allergy test. Many people never go for this test because they think it will be painful, but that is not the case. Getting tested for allergies is rather simple for adults and children.

Allergy Testing Abington PA

When you come to our office for the first time, we will administer a skin test. During this test, we expose your skin to low-levels of the suspected allergy-causing substances. The doctor and nurse then observe the skin to note any signs of allergic reactions.

The purpose of this test, along with your medical history, is designed to confirm whether a substance you ingest, breath, or touch causes your symptoms.

Generic, over-the-counter drugs try to target a lot of allergens, which is why they do not work the same for everyone. Once our doctors know what triggers your symptoms, we can design a custom health plan to train your body to defend itself against harmful allergens naturally. If you are serious about stopping allergy symptoms, you should come for the best allergy testing Abington, PA has to offer.

Before coming for a skin test, our doctors will ask a series of detailed questions about your medical and allergy history. We want to determine if allergies run in the family. Other than that, there is no need to prepare for your appointment.

Allergy Testing Abington PA

Take control of your health by doing something about pesky allergies.

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