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Tips for Surviving with Spring Time Allergies in Willow Grove, PA

Allergies are known to make Springtime an uncomfortable season when it really should be one of the best. Trees are blooming, flowers are growing, and the weather is perfect, but allergy symptoms can make it almost impossible to enjoy the outdoors. Humidity changes, pollen counts are high, and the temperatures are warm, which creates a perfect storm of allergies. Visit our allergists in Marlton, NJ and Willow Grove, PA. Our team will identify your problems and treat them.

Allergies in Willow Grove, PA

There are several things allergy suffers can do to alleviate their symptoms to make Springtime better.

  • Windy days are the worst for pollen. Pollen is known to travel up to several miles when carried by the wind. Try and avoid going out during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon because that is when pollen counts are highest.
  • Although the breeze in your home might feel beautiful, you should keep windows and doors closed. Doing this avoids pollen from coming into the house. Avoid electric fans in the home because they are known to kick up pollen into the air.
  • When getting home, change out of your clothes quickly, and try to avoid doing that in your bedroom. Also, taking a shower washes off pollen stuck on your body.
  • Be careful when using household cleaning products. Use these products in ventilated areas and never mix cleansers with ammonia products. If possible, let a non-allergy sufferer clean. Avoid being in the home during the cleaning process, especially during carpet cleaning.
  • Allergy shots help to lessen a person’s symptoms to allergies, which means it will be easier for a person to enjoy the Spring.

Allergies Willow Grove, PA

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