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Tips for Avoiding Spring Allergies

As the cold of winter turns into beautiful spring days, most people are eager to shed heavy coats and go out and enjoy the day. There are some, however, who are fearful of this time of year. Certain individuals cannot stand to be outside at this time because of all the allergens that are returning. February to early October marks the length of pollen season. Because of the cold of February and March, it isn’t until April that people truly begin to suffer. For those who dread these months, there are options you have to eliminate and alleviate allergy symptoms.

Allergy pills and sprays can help in the short run, but using them on a daily basis can get expensive. Taking allergy pills and other steps is the best option for dealing with allergies on short-term basis.

Protect your home from pollen. This means make sure to keep windows closed (even ones with screens). Also, make sure to not track pollen into your home on shoes and clothing. Try to take off coats and shoes near the door of your home, so that the pollen can be contained.

Seeing an allergist during the winter months will allow you to build up a base immunity to the allergens you are allergic too. Seeing an allergist in Marlton can help to get you on track for having a better spring.

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