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The Long, Hard, and Best Fix for Allergy Sufferers

Making the decision to seek help from an allergist is one of the best things for an allergy sufferer to do. Pills, sprays, and liquids are only temporary fixes, and in a lot of cases they are not even good fixes. For those who don’t have severe reactions to different indoor/outdoor allergens, they do not know how debilitating and confining allergy symptoms can be. Deciding to go for allergy shots is the only real and sustentative way to take control of your health and allergies. As great as these shot are that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a downside to allergy treatments. The road to reduced allergy systems will be long, frustrating, and uncomfortable. Fortunately, when it comes to the allergy shots, the side effects are minimal.Allergist Jenkintown & Willow Grove PA

The most frustrating aspect of going for allergy shots is having to once a week, every week, for roughly a year. It is important to be consistent with the time and day, and so you will want to keep to a consistent and strict schedule. The more sessions that you miss, the longer it will take for the shots to work. So, if you go consistently for two months but then miss two weeks, you will have to make up for those missed sessions. After the first year the shots become every other week, and then shortly after once a month. Ultimately the goal is to get to one shot every six months.

The uncomfortable part of allergy treatments is consistent weekly shots, soreness, swelling, and itching. For some who are allergic to many different allergens, they will be taking more shots per week. There are some cases where people have to take six shots a week (three in each arm). After the shot, the area is bound to swell and get itchy. It is important to not touch or scratch the area, although it is very tempting. Anti-itch creams will help with the itch, but the swelling will go down in a day or two on its own.

Ridding yourself of horrid allergy systems will not be a quick fix. Most allergists will say that a true treatment plan, one that will be completely successful, will take an individual anywhere from three to five years. Clearly, this is not a quick fix, but the important things in life are never fixed quickly or easily. Speak to an allergist in Jenkintown and Willow Grove, PA, so that you can begin to get your allergies under control.

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